Tzeriat Vineyard

Planted in the ’60 by Grandpa Dauphin, Tzeriat vineyard is the oldest vineyard that we have at disposition. It stays in altitude, at 800/850 m in a natural amphitheatre that protects it from the cold winter winds. In the past it was an ancient site of vinification for fine wines, the lords of the next Castello di Quart, during the Middle Age were used to cultivate their grapes from which they made nice and important wines for the most precious guest. Gatta himself, a well known ampelograph, speak about Tzeriat (Zario in his book) as one of the finest area of the central Valley.

Recently re-installed, hosts at the moment our best selection of Pinot Noir Tzeriat.

At his base flows the elegant Ru Prevot, where many people are used to walk and ride.