Rovettaz Vineyard

Up until a few decades ago Rovettaz Vineyard was entirely covered by a dense durmast forest. With a lot of work, effort and dedication we were able to bring back the dignity and charm of this ancient site of vinification, which perfectly adapts to the organic cultivation thanks to the strong Föhn winds that lower the risk of fungal deseases. Currently, with his 5,5 hectares, Rovettaz is our best vineyard as well as the biggest of single producer in Valle d’Aosta.

In his complex orography many of our finest wines find their location: Petit Rouge (Torrette vigne Rovettaz) stays in the lower part, in the middle we find the best white wine from Aosta Valley, Petite Arvine, while in the steepest area we find the noble Fumin vigne Rovettaz. In some small corner we find also Syrah and Cornalin.